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CCTV Service, Installation & Maintenance

CCTV has become a part of our everyday lives. The reason is clear, CCTV security camera systems are one of the major contributing factors of transferring crime away from your property or business. Four major factors are to be considered before deployment of CCTV Systems:


Quality of system, cosmetic appearance, record and playback ability and data access (view from anywhere via mobile or PC). VVSEC consultants will take you through every step of the process from survey to installation, ensuring you have the most appropriate equipment deployed for your needs and budget.

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24 Hour Control Room

You may have a 24-hour DVR system recording all the images for future evidence, should it be required. If you could afford to have someone watching the monitors and seeking out trouble, you would. But can you afford to use a member of your own staff?

We can solve your problem by installing either DVR (digital video recorders) or NVR (network video recorders) to your existing system or install a complete CCTV system tailored to your business. The new breed of DVRs and NVRs can eliminate tapes (recording digitally to a hard disk instead) and send live images over a new Broadband Network (ADSL or Cable - depending on your telecoms supplier) to a control room, manned 24 hours. We use our cameras in all of our projects but can source almost any camera to meet your needs.

The control room operative will monitor your CCTV for you 24-hours a day and act on anything suspicious, giving you peace of mind day and night.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

We can also supply thermal imaging cameras, FLIR. Thermal cameras complement and complete your security camera networks by giving you the power to see threats that would normally be invisible to the naked eye. Thermal energy penetrates atmospheric obscurities better and farther than visible light, allowing you to see what’s happening through dust, smoke, haze and bad weather.


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