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VVSEC.UK Comment Board Rules and Guidelines

VVSEC.UK comment boards are a forum for thoughtful commentary and civil dialogue intended to enlighten readers with additional insights or counterpoints.

We encourage thoughtful comments that:

All comments are reviewed by moderators before they are posted. Each user may post four comments per news article. Additional comments are permitted on sports stories. Some users submit comments that make a valid argument or statement but violate one or more of our guidelines, and their comments are rejected. To avoid this, please carefully read and follow the guidelines below:

If you see an objectionable comment please click the "Report abuse" button that follows each comment posted on the site.


What kinds of comments are posted?

We are looking for intelligent, on-topic comments that add value and insight to a story. We hold those who submit comments to the standards you've come to expect from the Deseret News. We accept a wide variety of viewpoints that add value to a reader's experience. These comment boards are offered as a public forum for a wide audience and should not be confused with a message board or instant messenger service.

OK, I met all of the above guidelines and my comment still didn't get approved! What gives?

Our moderators work hard to ensure a civil atmosphere and increase the quality of dialogue. However, because we are human, moderating decisions are subjective and occasionally we make mistakes accepting or rejecting comments. Unfortunately, we are not able to restore rejected comments or respond to requests asking for explanations as to why a comment was rejected. If you believe your comment was rejected in error, feel free to submit it again.

Haven't you ever heard of freedom of speech? That's censorship!

Commenting on VVSEC.UK is a privilege, not a right. If you continually abuse that privilege, you may have your account suspended or banned. But we want your comments and added insight, so keep it civil and we can continue a long and meaningful online relationship.

What if I spot an error in a story?

Comments regarding story errors - whether grammatical, typographical or factual - should be sent to the reporter who wrote the story or to support@VVSEC.UK. Reporter emails are generally found near the bottom of article pages. The moderation staff has no control over editorial content.

My comment was rejected. Can I try again on the same comment board?

Yes. At this time, you are only able to post four comments per story. If one is rejected or placed on hold for an editor to review, that comment counts as one post.

If you have a question or comment about this policy, please contact us via email at comments@VVSEC.UK.

VVSEC.UK reserves the right to reject or remove comments that do not conform to these criteria or for any other reason.

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