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CCTV Monitoring

The concept of remote monitoring is simple. Initially, a system of cameras and alarms is installed on any site to British Standards. This system is linked to a transmission system and connects to a CCTV Monitoring Station via a telephone line (either PSTN/ISDN/GSM connection) or via the Internet through a Broadband connection (or other secure connection from the company's network).



When the sensors or cameras are activated, an alarm signal is sent directly to the station and a picture image is transmitted to a workstation. Workstations are manned by highly trained operators who assess the situation and provide the appropriate response immediately.

Depending upon client's exact requirements, the operator will use the built-in audio transmission capabilities, remotely activate additional security protection such as lighting/alarms or alert a third party. As the situation escalates the operator will contact a guarding company or the emergency services as appropriate.

Till Monitoring

Within the retail environment, till monitoring solutions continue to break new ground. Internal cash and stock shrinkage are forces which work to separate profits from bottom lines. However, in a busy retail environment, it is almost impossible to keep an eye on all of the opportunities for liability and loss. In a bid to help the retail sector save tens of thousands of pounds, VVSEC have introduced till monitoring.

Point of sale transaction data is associated with recorded video, enabling suspicious employee activity to be detected and investigated. Digitally signed high quality recordings ensure that the video can be used as evidence in a court of law. VVSEC are able to receive alarms from site, monitor transactions and manage the process of investigations and footage review.

IP Monitoring

VVSEC continually assess and evaluate the latest developments in monitoring technology. The Company already monitors sites for clients throughout the UK, over IP and the Internet. With the advent of using IP and networking to transmit video imagery, IP solutions are slowly becoming the only choice within the security industry.

For over two years VVSEC have provided IP solutions within their industry certified IP Suite. The benefits of Network monitoring are already evident and on the rise. The speed of connection and response are greatly increased, costs reduced and the lack of call charges facilitates the monitoring of sites not only in the UK but around the world.


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