Complete installation of the 4 camera IP CCTV System (5 MegaPixel)

£1800 +VAT or £800

This 4 Camera Digital IP CCTV System is supplied and installed into your business by our professional team.

Pay deposit £432
Pay full price £2160

Deposit is for securing installation date and the first stage of the installation. The remainder of the balance can be paid on the day of installation with Debit/Credit Card or PayPal.


Guard against business disruption

You are about to purchase unique complete installation of the CCTV system. That includes 4x our exclusive 5 mega pixel IP cameras which you can choose, heavy duty 9 unit server rack which includes: NVR (network video recorder), network switch with PoE (power over ethernet), network path panel and monitoring console drawer unit on the rails equipped with 17 inch DELL monitor including keyboard and touchpad or mouse, followed by property assessment, planning camera location, full installation at your premises, surface wiring, full configuration and training, free online/phone support, 5 years warranty on all equipment and service provided. Please keep reading for more details.

This package exclusively comes with:




You can choose from any of our four exclusive cameras :

The VV-B80IP5MP and VV-B40IP5MP bullet cameras are best for external use to cover a large area with a long range of night vision (up to 80m/263f), while the VV-D30IP5MP and VV-D20IP5MP vandal-proof dome cameras are ideal for indoor or outdoor use designed to last under extreme conditions. All our cameras deliver a stunning 5 megapixel image day and night with very high specification. You can choose any of these cameras with no extra charge (you will choose cameras at the checkout).

Resolution: 5 MegaPixel
Effective Pixels:
2592 x 1920
Infra Red range: 80m
Water resistance: IP66
CS Lens 12mm/F2.0
PoE  IEEE 802.3af
Support ONVIF 2.5
IR LED: ¢42 x 4pcs
Weight: 1300g

Resolution: 5 MegaPixel
Effective Pixels:
2592 x 1920
Infra Red range: 40m
Water resistance: IP66
CS Lens 8mm/F2.0
PoE  IEEE 802.3af
Support ONVIF 2.5
IR LED: ¢42 x 2pcs
Weight: 1500g

Resolution: 5 MegaPixel
Effective Pixels:
2592 x 1920
Infra Red range: 30m
Vandalproof Dome
Varifocal Lens 2.8-12mm
PoE  IEEE 802.3af
Support ONVIF 2.5
IR LED: ¢5 x 21pcs
Weight: 1200g

Resolution: 5 MegaPixel
Effective Pixels:
2592 x 1920
Infra Red range: 20m
Vandalproof Dome
CS Lens 2.8mm/F2.0
PoE  IEEE 802.3af
Support ONVIF 2.5
IR LED: ¢21 x 2pcs
Weight: 900g












Our custom-made CCTV Server Rack is a complete surveillance server/workstation, designed to be easy-to-use with fast set-up and an intuitive user hardware and software interface. It is a great solution for a busy office where professional, solid, reliable appliances, easy access to the footage and tightness around is required.






  • 9 unit server rack, made of welded 3mm thick steel elements to provide solid hardware support, dimension; 20x20x20 inch
  • 16 port patch panel cat5e
  • 4 port network switch with PoE (power over ethernet)
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • Monitoring console drawer unit on the rails equipped with 17 inch DELL monitor and keyboard with touchpad
  • Please note that due to our constant upgrades and improvements the appearance of the hardware shown above can change


This network video recorder supports monitoring and recording of up to 8 camera channels at 5 MegaPixel (or 50 cameas at 1 MegaPixel) and provides a maximum of 16TB storage. Suitable for medium-sized business applications. Supports Onvif & Third-party IP cameras, great solution for futher expansion of your CCTV system. SmartViewer client software for mobile devices can be downloaded and offers a range of simple configurations to help deliver reliable CCTV surveillance. Users can also schedule recordings to run continuously, during specific time periods or as a result of motion detection/alarm signal. Alternatively, an HD monitor can be connected via the integrated HDMI port to provide aditional extra large wall mounted display solution.


Cameras and Clips:

  • The initial view shows live views on the left, and a list of clips on the right and timeline below.
  • Choose from equal video window sizes or one larger than the others
  • When you size the main window, the video images size with you.
  • Click on a camera view or clip to open it.
  • Use your mouse wheel to digitally zoom in and out.
  • A status bar at the bottom lets you know what Blue Iris is doing, and provides help when you pass the cursor over windows and controls.
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) controls are supported for some IP cameras
  • Organize your clips into folders, and automatically archive them to the web, or put them into storage.

The Clip Viewer:

  • There are controls for playback and stepping frame by frame. A position slider allows random access to any point in the video and a timeline view is available.
  • Digital Zoom and Pan functionality
  • Control the speed of playback (audio as well as video) and the audio volume.
  • Use the original software DVR file format to record to and playback video from the same file simultaneously.
  • Mark starting and ending points for playback, trimming, or video export.



Besides the built in mobile web site that our NVR comes with (web server), we also have mobile apps so you can bring your Blue Iris with you, anywhere! Our applications are available on Android and iOS. The features include, but are not limited to:


  • Manage multiple installations.
  • Control the traffic signal icon, schedule and profile selection.
  • Receive push alerts when a camera is triggered or there is a critical status message.
  • Fast H.264 streaming.
  • Control PTZ, IR and more for any camera that’s also controllable at the NVR Server.
  • Listen to and talk to any camera that’s also supported at the NVR.
  • Navigate cameras by tapping and swiping.
  • Review recordings as stored on our NVR Server, up to 64x speed.
  • Selectively delete recordings from the NVR Server.
  • Remote control DIO output signals on compatible devices



  • Use motion or audio sensing to trigger recording, or record continuously or periodically.
  • Overlay the current date/time as well as a logo or other information.
  • Optionally record audio.
  • Use a timer to determine when the system is armed.
  • Images may be captured as either JPEG images, MPEG movies or Windows Media movies.
  • Receive alerts via loudspeaker, email, instant message, voice phone call (with automatic redial), or external program/script.
  • All passwords are stored encrypted.


  • Built-in web server enables you to bring your NVR with you anywhere!
  • Remotely connect to your NVR from anywhere in the world, from any web enabled device.
  • Desktop and mobile viewing.
  • View live cameras, recorded clips and alerts.
  • User authentication with permission based viewing.
  • Automatically adjusts if IP changes.
  • Detailed log.
  • Use software powerful digital Zoom and Pan functionality remotely!
  • Access PTZ presets easily


  • Simultaneously use up to 64 video cameras.
  • Use generic cards with DirectShow drivers, or better.
  • Overlay text, timestamps, and alpha-blended graphics.
  • The highly-efficient NVR VMS file format allows time-slip viewing.
  • DirectX integration provides smooth digital scaling.
  • DirectShow integration provides optimal capture performance.
  • Windows Media technologies integration (full version) allows capture into WMV format and Windows Media webcasting.
  • Multithreaded, optimized and rigorously tested code for optimal performance.
  • Geofencing: set/disable features, alerts, etc. when devices enter/exit perimeter.


LCD monitoring console that features an integrated 17" LCD panel, full keyboard, and touchpad in a 4U rack-mountable housing. This model provides convenient "at the rack" visual access to your CCTV footage and configuration.

  • Integrated monitoring console with a 17" LED-backlit LCD monitor in a sliding housing with top and bottom clearance for smooth operation in a 4U high system rack
  • LCD module supported by hydraulic gas strut
  • Improved design – enough desk space to accomodate pen and notepad or USB stick
  • Compatible with third party PC over the VGA port
  • High video resolution: Up to 1280 x 1024 @75Hz
  • Video settings of attached computers are automatically adjusted for optimal output to the LCD monitor
  • Keyboard English (UK) with touchpad or mouse

NETWORK SWITCH with Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Our 5 port commercial grade Ethernet Switch is designed to last. It provides advanced performance and enables real-time deterministic network operation. It requires no configuration and will instantly operate as soon as you power it up.

  • 5 port PoE switch
  • Backplane bandwidth: 1.0Gbps
  • PoE protocol
  • Data and the power transmission distance: 100m
  • Power supply built in chassis
  • PoE power output is zero 15.4w


Comes in all our installations by default and is a critical part of any computer network. Meant to improve or extend your local network with additional cameras or other network appaliances.

  • High performance, meets EIA/TIA 586A and ISO 11801 specifications
  • The high-density IDC blocks are compatible with industry standard BT/Krone termination tooling
  • Effective cable management via cable management loops and cable ties (supplied). Versatile
  • Colour coded for both T568A and T568B wiring
  • Clear port identification because of numerical markings and user defined marking pads
  • Dual IDC connector can accept 22-26 AWG solid UTP cables
  • Compatible with 110 or Krone Tools


Installation time for this system is 9am – 6pm or overnight (no surcharge) 7 days a week. If you require an alternative start time, or if you are unsure of any of the information contained on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us. .

You will receive :

  • Full installation at your premises (time of completion; 3days)
  • NVR Network Video Recorder including 1TB HDD
  • 4x 5MP(mega pixel) VVSEC Range digital IP cameras (as chosen by you)
  • LCD Monitoring Console Drawer
  • 4-port Network Switch with PoE (power over ethernet)
  • 16-port Network Patch Panel
  • 2x walkie-talkies
  • 1x LED Floodlight with PIR -10W
  • 2x external speakers/sirene
  • 1x amplifier 200W
  • Surface wiring, trunking, junction boxes as required
  • Full configuration
  • Full training
  • Free after sales support
  • 5 years warranty on all equipment and installation provided

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