Proximity Wristbands (10 PK)

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Proximity Wristband made from durable black silicone rubber. Waterproof making them ideal for gyms, sport activities, indoor/outdoor swimming locations or any other area, workplace or general situation where it’s not convenient or possible to carry a key fob or card in your pocket or handbag etc

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Wiegand 125khz 26 bit EM-RFID format for any access control system using this frequency as well as our own products


Format: Proximity Wiegand 125khz 26 bit EM-RFID format

Colour: Matt black

Material: Silicone

Colour: Matt black

Supplied: Pack of 10

Size (Inner diameter): 64mm
Size (Outer diameter): 70mm
Reader: 7d x 19h x 30w mm

Read distance profiles:
Wristband @ 25mm
Blue key fobs @ 35mm
Blue-Red/white key fobs @ 35mm
Thick (Lanyard) 1.80mm cards @ 55mm
Thin (Printable) 0.8mmm cards @ 60mm

Supplied in a pack of 10


All of our products and any other Proximity Wiegand 125khz 26 bit EM-RFID format
Please check with your current supplier as to the exact format you have in the first instance



Are the wristbands numbered sequentially?
No they are not

Can the wristbands be printed on?

Are the wristbands waterproof?
Yes they are


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