Cat6A SSTP External Ethernet 10GIG Cable-20 meter

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RJ45 to RJ45 SSTP CAT 6A Cable

Category 6A is designed for use in EMI (electro-magnetic interference) environments such as factories, power stations, data centres, hospitals etc. The two most common uses are from hub to patch panel, and work area outlet (jack) to the computer.

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  • Speed: 10/100/1000/10000 Gigabits per second

    Stranded Snagless Network Cables
    Snagless boots offer the clip protection from other cables getting caught underneath the clip and breaking it off. Our snagless design features wings rather than a hood which encases the clip. The advantage of our design means you still have easy access to the clip.

    Flush Moulded Strain Relief
    Plastic is physically injected into the end of the connector ensuring both the boot and connector are the same size. Creating easier access for multiple network cables to be connected into a patch panel. This flush moulded design boot makes it virtually impossible to break the RJ45 connector from the cable. The strain relief element is a flexible moulded panel at the end of the boot protects the internal wires from any undue stresses or strains.

    SSTP: Short for screened shielded twisted pair or: STP -shielded twisted pair or FTP – Foil twisted pair
    Individually fully shielded twisted pairs help reduce interference and all but eliminates alien crosstalk and greatly improving noise resistance making an ideal cable for use in EMI (electro-magnetic interference) environments such as factories, power stations, data centres, hospitals etc.

    Shielded Connectors

  • Our CAT 6A also feature shielded connectors
  • Full Copper 26AWG
  • Category 6a is defined at frequencies up to 500 MHz-twice that of Cat. 6.
  • CAT6A 4 pair LAN cable
  • 4x2x0.57Copper / 1.03 HDPE + 4.5 Separator + 6.1PVC
  • Single bare copper conductor (⌀0.57+/-0.01mm
  • HDPE insulation – High-density polyethylene Jacket
  • Size of insulation: (⌀1.02+/-0.05mm
  • PVC jacket
  • External diameter: 6.5mm



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