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4″ Mini outdoor HD IP IR Medium speed PTZ camera


This camera is part of the supreme series product line offering 2 Mega Pixel full HD resolution with superb image quality. Adopting a 10x optical zoom lens is able to capture details at top-notch quality. The IP66 rated housing protects the camera body against rain, dust and corrosion within a wide temperature range between -35°C to 65°C. This feature ensures operation under extreme weather conditions and hazardous environments. It is especially suitable for monitoring wide open indoor/outdoor spaces such as airports, highways and parking lots where high-level reliability and precision are always required. This camera supports good-performance H.264 compression technology and offers extra smooth video quality with resolution up to 30 fps @ 2MP. Boasting WDR Pro technology can also cope with challenging lighting conditions and generate image quality close to the capabilities of the human eye.

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  • High performance 2 Mega-pixel 1/2.8″ CMOS progressive scan
  • Chipset: HiSilicon read more about HiSilicon
  • 10x zoom, Focal length: 5~50mm
  • High performance infra-red lamp: 50m IR distance
  • Manual Speed 30°/s, Pan Range 360° endless, Tilt Range 90° (Auto Flip)
  • Video coding: H.264 Main Profile, MJPEG /JPEG Baseline ,
  • Image stream: 1280*960 /1920*1080, 25fps
  • Support Onvif
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Protection Level: IP66



  • Smooth, high-quality video footage in HD 1080p resolution at 25 frames per second
  • Full PTZ functionality and 360° pan allow wide areas to be monitored effectively
  • True day/night functionality with IR-cut filter provides round-the-clock monitoring
  • IP66 and IK10-rated housing offers protection from harsh weather conditions and tampering attempts
  • Regions of interest can be investigated in real-time using the 10x optical zoom
  • Built-in IR LEDs provide infrared night vision at a distance of up to 50m
  • Video motion detection alarms can be configured to enhance scene awareness for reliable surveillance
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR) and noise reduction technologies improve image clarity in difficult lighting conditions
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Minimum Order Quantity: At least 2pcs


Pan, Tilt and Zoom Controls

pan tilt zoom software controls

This camera can Pan left to right, Tilt up and Down, and Zoom in and Out. You can control it with built-in software interface, PC/Mac Software, Webview, or by using the NVR itself. A physical joystick is not required.

Video Quality is dependent upon two things: image resolution and frames per second


The resolution of the camera is the most important factor in better image quality while frame-rate improves video quality by preventing motion blur.

Resolution and Frame Rate

Camera Resolution

This camera has a resolution of 2.0 Megapixels which can be recorded @25 FPS at 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels).



Advanced Features Come Standard


Continuous, Motion, and Event Recording Modes

Motion Detection

You can record your cameras continuously, via motion, or even via VCA (video content analysis) events (like line crossing or intrusion detection).

You can create individual schedules for each camera, including hours for motion recording mode, hours for continuous recording mode, hours for event recording mode, or even hours when that camera is off completely.


Snapshot – Automatic Upload to FTP Server on Motion, Alarm, VCA Event, or Interval

Snapshot FTP upload

Some snapshot FTP options are based upon your current recording mode. When a VCA event happens, the NVR can capture a series of snapshots and upload those images to a FTP server of your choosing. When motion is detected, the NVR can capture a series of snapshots and upload those. When in Continuous mode, the NVR can upload an image at a certain interval, such as every hour. If you have a NVR or cameras with alarm inputs and you have connected an alarm device to those inputs, the NVR can capture a series of snapshots and upload those images to a FTP server of your choosing when an alarm goes off. There’s no monthly fee for this, as it uses your FTP server.

Motion Detection Recording Mode


Video Analytics based Motion Detection

Motion Detection Settings

Motion detection can also be used to send you email alerts when motion is detected or to record when recording on motion events. You can modify the sensitivity level, so that more or less movement is required for the motion detection to trigger. You can create inclusion areas (places where you care if there is motion) and define the rest as exclusion areas (places where you don’t care if there is motion). So, for example, you could create a motion based alert to notify you if someone was in your yard, but ignore them if they were on the pavement or in the street.



Built Tough!


Weatherproof Housing

weatherproof housing

This camera has a Weatherproof Housing.
It has been rated at IP66 which means that International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) international standard 60529 has rated this camera housing as having full protection from dust and safe from water damage up to powerful jets of water (but not immersion).

This camera can be safely used outdoors.

Attention: The IP67 rating covers the camera’s housing not the cable. Please follow our RJ45 Waterproofing guide for weathering your cable connections.


Commercial Grade Aluminium Molding

commercial grade aluminum molding

This camera is commercial grade, and is made of cast aluminium and ceramic molding, instead of the typical plastic molding common in the industry.

This product has passed vibration tests, can withstand an electrical surge up to 6,000 volts, and the casing will prevent intrusion of both dust and water into the internal component space. The screws and mounting hardware are made of stainless steel that have passed SUS410 salt spray anti-corrosion testing. We use automotive grade LEDs and anti-reflection glass (which means better infra-red results). In short, this camera is going to hold up over time.



Car Grade LEDs

Car Grade LEDs

This camera has Car Grade LEDs.

Many IP cameras include low quality infrared bulbs that fail over time. This camera has Car Grade LEDs, and you should expect the same sort of longevity from them as the headlights in your car.




Professional Camera Quality and Features.


Headlight Compensation

Backlight Compensation

This camera has Headlight Compensation.

Vehicle headlights directly into the camera lens can render many cameras useless. Headlight compensation reduces glare and overexposure due to car headlights.

At VVSEC, we try not to use the misleading term “License Plate Camera.” The term “License plate cameras” is used rather flippantly by the security camera industry, has no real definition as a term, and can sometimes mean simply the presence of HLC; be careful with companies offering a simple solution to a very complex task of capturing license plates.


See through Fog with Automatic Defog


This camera has Automatic Defog.

Our automatic defog feature allows you to cut through fog, air pollution, and other atmospheric haze.


Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Wide Dynamic Range

This camera has Wide Dynamic Range.

Wide Dynamic Range splits each frame/image into many boxes and it scans for in inaccuracies and adds the right amount exposure to create a balanced and high resolution video shot. Very useful when recording in situations where there can be a large difference in light levels.


Adjustable Shutter Speed for Customizable Performance in Low Light

adjustable shutter speed

This camera has an Adjustable Shutter Speed in a range between 1/30s to 1/100,000 of a second.

The shutter in a camera controls how long the camera takes to take a picture, but faster doesn’t mean better. The faster that a camera shutter opens and closes, the more likely that you will get a clear, blur-free image. The longer that the shutter is open, the more light you let in and the better your image will be in low light. Shutters that are open for an extremely long time allow you to take color pictures at night/twilight without having to switch to infrared mode, but can result in motion blur.

There’s no one-size fits all approach to shutter speed, so we give you full control (and free tech support) to set it up the best way possible.

Backlight Compensation

Backlight Compensation

This camera has Automatic Backlight Compensation.

Backlight Compensation automatically bring more detail to darker areas in the foreground of an image when there is a bright light in the background. Very useful when recording in front of large windows.


Privacy Mask

Privacy Mask

This camera has Privacy Mask Technology.

A privacy mask allows you to protect personal privacy by blocking out a section of the frame from being viewed real time or recorded.


Automatic White Balance

Privacy Mask

This camera has Automatic White Balance.

Automatic White Balance adjusts the colour hues so that incandescent bulbs, florescent, or quartz lights don’t “yellow” image colours, resulting in a more natural colour profile.


Smart IR

Smart IR

This camera has Smart IR.

Smart IR allows the camera to reduce or increase the level of infrared light it projects based upon the subject’s distance. This allows the image to not get “washed out” by over-exposing the subject.


Compliant with Industry Standards


Works with ONVIF

ONVIF compatible

This device works with ONVIF.

ONVIF is an open industry standard encoding language for the interface of IP-based physical security products. (It’s what allows your IP camera, your NVR, or any other device to talk with each other – Not all manufacturers are ONVIF compatible and may leave you in a scenario where you cannot record your footage without paying a monthly fee.)

Honeywell, Panasonic, Dynacolor, Sony, Samsung, Pelco, Bosch, Axis, HikVision, Arecont Vision, are ONVIF members. Check with your specific model number from these manufacturers to confirm ONVIF compatibility.


Backed up by the VVSEC Team


3 Year Warranty

3 year warranty

This camera has a Industry Leading 3 year warranty.

UK-Based Technical Support after the sale. For FREE. Forever.


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