Off-Site CCTV Recording @ 720p One camera - 30 days

£40 +VAT    

We can record your sensitive CCTV footage on our secure remote FTP servers. You will have full access to the information when you need it. You can add more cameras at the checkout.

You can pay for this service in our online shop with Debit/Credit Card or PayPal.

SKU: FTP720p

In the recent years many insurers request for the CCTV to be recorded and stored off-site. So why not add more security while saving money on your insurance premiums.

Many burglars are resorting to stealing the recording units while intruding. This way they can take the evidence of crime with them. Where does that leave you?

  • No CCTV evidence
  • No prosecution
  • Wasted money
  • More complicated insurance claims

Our off-site CCTV recording benefits:

  • Your CCTV will be recorded live on our servers.
  • No one can steal your recorded CCTV footage.
  • You can view/download your footage any time, anywhere.
  • High performance servers with massive storage.
  • Easy setup at your camera.
  • Data confidentiality to protect your privacy.
  • No contracts. You can terminate, renew or change your plan every month.
  • No setup charges.
  • On-line support.

Your video recording plan specification:

  • Number of cameras: 1 (you can choose more cameras at the checkout)
  • FPS: 30 Frames/s
  • Video Resolution: 720p (1280x720)
  • Camera encoder: H.265
  • Data retention: 30 days
  • Motion Recording Only - movement fairly busy,75%
  • Estimated disk space: 464GB
  • Estimated upload bandwidth: 1.3Mbps

Please note: Your cameras must be configured to match the parameters above

Terms and conditions apply


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