NVR VV-N6001-64EH

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This network video recorder supports monitoring and recording of up to 25 camera channels at 5 Mega-Pixel (or 64 camera at 1.3 Mega-Pixel) and provides a maximum of 36TB storage. Suitable for large-sized business applications. Support Onvif & Third-party IP cameras great solution for further expansion of your CCTV system. Smart-Viewer client software for mobile devices can be downloaded free-of-charge and offers a range of simple configurations to help deliver reliable CCTV surveillance. Users can also schedule recordings to run continuously, during specific time periods or as a result of motion detection/alarm signal. An HD monitor can be connected via the integrated HDMI port to provide extra large wall mounted display

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  • How many and at what resolution cameras does it support  :
  1. 64×(1280*960) +sub[640*480]+4Ref.+8Play; 64CH 1.3MP IPC in
  2. 49×(1920*1080)+sub[640*480]+4Ref.+9Play; 49CH 2MP IPC in
  3. 36×(1920*1080)+sub[960*576]+4Ref.+4Play; 36CH 2MP IPC in
  4. 25×(2048*1536)+sub[960*576]+4Ref.+4Play; 25CH 3MP IPC in
  5. 25×(2592*1944)+sub[960*576]+4Ref.+1Play; 25CH 5MP IPC in
  • Video Output: 1CH VGA+1CH HDMI Out
  • Preview & Recording Resolution: 5MP/3MP/ 1080P/ 960P/ 720P
  • Recording frame rate: 30fps/ channel
  • Synchronous Playback: 8× 960P/9 ×1080P/4 x 1080P/ 4 x 3MP/ 1 × 5MP
  • Backup way: U disk, USB, USB DVD-RW, Network storage and backup
  • SATA: 9 SATA HDD interfaces; Upto 4TB capacity for each HD
  • Audio Input & Output; 64ch/36ch/25ch/16ch/8ch/4ch input, 1ch RCA output
  • Alarm Input and Output: 16CH in, 4CH out
  • With 1xUSB3.0+2 x USB 2.0 Ports, IR controller, VGA output, HDMI port
  • Support Onvif & Third-party IP cameras
  • Support IE, mobile phone remote monitoring
  • 2 Unit Chassis
  • Total bandwidth: 300Mbps


  • P2P cloud service, including cloud connecting, cloud monitoring, cloud transmitting to access IPC and NVR at any time and any place
  • Support Onvif protocol, support High profile S, High profile G, compatible with different IP camera that based on Onvif, RTSP standard
  • Support mega-pixel HD network video preview, storage and playback
  • Support search, playback and backup by event
  • Support all channel image display on one screen at same time, support 4 channels’ image display by mainstream and 4 channels playback
  • Support monitor PTZ on preview mode
  • Offer CMS for free


  • Preview channel can be switched to other channel randomly without changing the MAC which is convenient for the project construction
  • The dendrite menu can be moved. Man-machine communication is more direct and the settings of parameters are more easy and convenient
  • The mouse roller can realize 15X digital zooming which the enlarged image can be dragged and moved randomly under preview and playback modes
  • Immediate snapshot and immediate view; the picture will be stored in an independent area in the HDD
  • The recording playback is shown by time bar and different colour represents different recording type. It is very fast and easy to find/check the recording
  • Recording backup can be accurate to second. Any time period of backup is available
  • The recording files in the USB disk can play directly in the playback interface while the snapshot pictures can be viewed directly
  • With 3G, WIFI wireless connection functions
  • Standard resolution which can be adjusted according to the display device in order to get the best image quality
  • Adopt HDD sequence writing method and the data is written from 0 track which increase 2.5X lifetime of the HDD


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