We are a security company in London and are dedicated to the design, installation, service and maintenance of CCTV, Access Control, Remote Monitoring and Integrated Security Systems
for commercial enterprises.

Like most owners of a CCTV system you probably had it installed because the cameras can act as a deterrent.

If you could afford to have someone watching the monitors and seeking out trouble you would. But can you afford to use a member of your own staff?

Remote monitoring is a cost-effective security solution that protects businesses, commercial and residential property from threats including criminal damage and fire.

Trained experts based at VVSEC remote monitoring station monitor the security systems installed at your site for alarms. When an alarm is raised, the operators will immediately investigate further and take appropriate action such as calling designated keyholders, the relevant emergency services and yourself, if you wish.

What's On

A Wireless Rapid Deployment system allows video security to be set up quickly and easily and can provide crime prevention at a fraction of the cost for manned guarding. To establish this system is less labour intensive, but it is a little more expensive, so costs tend to balance out. At VVSEC, we only use wireless CCTV for rapid deployment, as wireless intruder systems are fairly new in comparison to wired, but even the best wireless systems are prone to atmospheric condition and frequency changes. We have a number of rapid deployment systems which can be remotely monitored at our control centre. Cameras are infra-red and transmit alarm signals upon activation with the use of integrated sensors. The system will be manually armed onsite via a key pad or remote key fob.